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Chandler Harris (’12) | M.A. in Communication



Chandler Harris (’12), M.A. in Communication from Sulphur Springs, Texas
Chandler Harris (’12), M.A. in Communication from Sulphur Springs, Texas
You might not think that having a master’s in communication would be the most beneficial degree to have if you want a job in the business field. But Chandler Harris would argue that it gives him a unique advantage.
“A communication degree opens up so many different opportunities in the real world where those critical communication skills are applicable and necessary.”

Communication at work

In his current job, Chandler’s role is business-focused but very reliant on communication skills and techniques that he learned while in the graduate communication program at ACU. Chandler serves as a manager in the program management department at PFSweb in Allen, Texas. PFSweb envisions, creates and supports world-class omni-channel commerce solutions that enable the world’s leading brands to nurture customer relationship on a global scale.
Chandler says, “My role is focused on ensuring that my client is always at the forefront of the eCommerce revolution. My typical day is spent as a liaison between the client and the functional areas of PFSweb.” One of the core competencies of employees in program management at PFSweb is communication. “You must be able to communicate quickly, concisely and accurately,” Chandler says. “You have to have the ability to understand, at a detailed level, the solution that PFSweb provides for the client and then communicate relevant updates, strategies and enhancements to improve the client’s business.”

Valuable skills

Chandler believes his master’s degree prepared him to be successful in his current role by exposing him to organizational communication techniques. Also, going to graduate school and working as a graduate assistant fostered other skills that are essential to his everyday work.
“The experience I gained writing my thesis taught me to be a self-starter and to improve my time management skills. As a graduate assistant, I learned teaching styles and methods that I still use today.” As a manager, Chandler’s role is to grow his team members and to educate them about their industry and their specific roles. He says, “Each individual employee has a unique learning style and as the teacher/manager, I must adapt to them in order to help them reach their potential.”

A feeling of gratitude

Looking back, Chandler is thankful for his time spent in graduate school at ACU and for all the faculty who invested in him as a student and a person. He says, “Those two years allowed me take a step back, focus on what the priorities were in my life and to get a valuable graduate degree. I would recommend ACU to anyone who is looking for a Christ-centered university that truly cares for each student.”

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