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Mail Services

Helpful Tips

1. Please include the proper name/department name, ACU box number, city, state and zip code on all inbound mail and packages.

2. We highly recommend faculty, staff and students to put a return address on all outbound mail and packages.

3. If a faculty, staff or student will not intend to be enrolled the following semester, please complete a “Closing Mailbox Occupant Request Form” at Mail Services prior to leaving the university.

4. If a faculty, staff or department is expecting an inbound package that is large and heavy (ex. Furniture and supplies), please send them to the ACU Warehouse. Please follow the following address for your shipment:

Employee Name
1201 E. Ambler Ave.
Abilene, TX 79601

5. FOAPs should be attached to a piece of mail or a bundle of mail to expedite shipping process.

6. Avoid overlapping envelope flaps for meter mail. We recommend that you fold the flaps down for each envelope.

Mailing from Campus

Hours of Operation

Regular Business Hours*

Window: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Office: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

*Mail Services is closed during all major holidays and university holidays. For more detailed university and national holidays, please see the ACU Academic Calendar. Additionally, the mailroom is closed every second Wednesday of each month during chapel for staff training.

Products and Services

ACU Mail Services offers and provides a variety of services for faculty, staff, students and the Abilene community. Mail Services provides an array of options for outbound mail and packages. For more information on our retail products and shipping carriers, you can contact a Mail Services employee at the window or call customer service at (325) 674-2742.

Our current shipping carriers include: FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.

Other Services Offered:

  • Stamps
  • Mailing & Packing Materials
  • Returns & Drop Off Services
  • Package Tracking
  • Mailbox Advertisement Flyers
  • Mailbox Rentals (Students & Departments only)
  • Mail Delivery by Route (Departments only)
  • Bulk Meter Mailing (Departments only)

*The Mail Services window accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Checks should be made out to “ACU Mail Services”.

Mail and Delivery Expectations

ACU Mail Services strives to provide excellent and efficient services to faculty, staff and students. Packages and letters that arrive at Mail Services requires additional processing and sorting procedures. Once packages and/or letters are processed and ready for pick up, students will receive an email notification to come by the Mail Services window. Faculty and staff will receive a Call Notice in their department mailbox. If a department is on a route service, packages and mail will be delivered to the department directly.

Mail Services generally finishes processing mail and packages before 1:00pm each business day. However, there may be exceptions when there is a high volume of inbound packages for that day. For further questions about mail and package delivery options, please call the mailroom at (325) 674-2148.

Tracking Packages

To see the tracking history and status of an inbound or outbound package/mail, you will need an active tracking number to track your package. If you are tracking an outbound package that was shipped through Mail Services, please allow up to 24 hours for the shipping carrier to process the package.

If you are expecting an inbound package and it shows that it was delivered to ACU Mail Services, you will receive an email notification from when the package is ready to be picked up at the front window. Faculty and staff will receive a Call Notice in their department mailbox. If a department is on a route services, mail and packages will be delivered to the department directly. If you did not receive an email notification for an inbound package, please call Mail Services at (325) 674-2148.

*First Class standard letter mail do not have tracking numbers. For inquiries and questions about inbound or outbound letter mail, please see a Mail Services employee at the front window.

FedEx Tracking                                               UPS Tracking
USPS Tracking                  DHL Tracking

Flyers and Stuffers

ACU Mail Services encourage businesses, departments and students to advertise their events, products and services. Please see the prices below for external businesses and companies.

Flyers: Paper & Poster

1-500 Pieces – FREE
Any additional pieces will cost $0.20/piece.

Stuffers: Gifts, Candy Bars, Shirts, Stationary etc.
Each item will cost $0.25/piece.

*Non-profit organizations will be required to bring in or email permit number and registration in order to be fee exempted. Please call Mail Services at 325-674-2865 for questions in regards to flyers and stuffers.

Campus Mailbox Number

Students who live in a resident hall are required to have an ACU mailbox. Incoming freshmen and transfers are assigned to a new mailbox at the beginning of the academic year. If a student is enrolled as sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student, the ACU box number will remain the same.

All faculty, staff and upperclassmen students have an option to enroll for an ACU mailbox for a $50 charge each semester. Freshmen mailbox charges will be included in Room and Board on their Wildcat Bill. For more information in regards to enrolling in a new mailbox, come by the Mail Services window or call (325) 674-2148.

In order to expedite the process of receiving mail and packages, faculty, staff and students should put a valid ACU box address along with the correct name or department on inbound mail and packages. Please see the following on how to address packages and mail.

Student Address:

222 McGlothlin Campus Center
ACU Box #####
Abilene, TX 79699


Department Address:

Faculty/Staff Name
222 McGlothlin Campus Center
ACU Box #####
Abilene, TX 79699

Where is my mail?

Closing ACU Mailbox

Faculty, staff and students and who are graduating, transferring, no longer attending the university or moving off campus who no longer needs an ACU mailbox is recommended to complete an online form “Abilene Christian University Mailbox Status Form”. Students who will be graduating or transferring should close their mailbox before Finals week or prior leaving the university.

In order properly ensure that your mailbox is closed, students will need to complete the online form by the second to last week of each semester. If a student does not notify us in advance or complete the closing mailbox form, they will be charged for a mailbox fee for the following semester.

It will be the responsibility of faculty, staff and students who have an ACU mailbox (excluding ACU Department mailboxes) to complete a “Abilene Christian University Mailbox Status Form”. Failure to do so may result in a mailbox charge for the following semester.

For any questions in regards to closing a mailbox, you can contact a Mail Services employee or call (325) 674-2742.


Temporary Forwards

ACU Mail Services provides forwarding services within the United States and U.S. Territories. Prior to closing an ACU mailbox, faculty, staff and students have the option for their mail and packages forwarded to a new permanent address. We recommend that faculty, staff and students who will no longer be attending the university to complete an address change with USPS.

Please keep in mind that forwarding services may take up to two weeks to process at the Mail Services. To ensure that you receive your mail and packages in a timely manner, please update all subscriptions, saved online shipping addresses (ex. Amazon, Chegg, StitchFix, IPSY etc.).


Unknown Mail

Mail and packages will be delivered to the corresponding departments unless specified using the Mail Services Department Service Request. Any packages and mail with unknown recipient and locations will be brought to the Advancement department (Hardin Admin Building) for verification. Mail Services will “Return to Sender” any mail and packages that cannot be verified through our mailing system as well as Advancement department.

For further questions or assistance on Mail Services Department Service Request, please call (325) 674-2865.


Change in Address

University Mail Services does not forward employee mail off campus. This is because it is assumed mail delivered to an ACU departmental mailbox is job-related. Therefore, the mail should be delivered as addressed to the old position, rather than to follow the individual to their new job. Individuals are responsible for notifying correspondents of their address changes.

If the mail item gets returned to the Mailroom after we deliver it to the corresponding departmental box, the only thing Mail Services can do is label it “return to sender” and place it in outgoing mail.