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Compass Roadmap | Teacher Education

Begin Your Journey
First Year
Pursue Community
Second Year
Pursue Hospitality
Third Year
Pursue Calling
Fourth Year
Pursue Wisdom
  • Meet the faculty during Wildcat Week
  • Develop research skills in Cornerstone (CORE 110)
  • Explore the life of Jesus and the New Testament church in BIBL 101 and 102
  • Attend faculty office hours

  • Support your peers by attending ACU's URCI Festival
  • Attend an information session about the M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning
  • Explore the Old Testament in BIBL 211

  • Engage in a faculty-mentored research or creative project
  • Participate in information literacy workshop in the library
  • Attend a Senior Teacher Education Showcase session
  • Consider applying to the ACU M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning 4+1 master's program

  • Present at URCI Festival or other conference
  • Complete your Capstone course
  • Present your Senior Teacher Education Showcase
  • Attend the M.Ed. in teaching and Learning Action Research presentations
  • Experience Candlelight Devo during Wildcat Week
  • Join a local Church
  • Engage in practices of meal fellowship, testimony and breath prayer
  • Participate in department chapel

  • Participate in Chapel
  • Volunteer in the Abilene community in a local children's or youth ministry
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • Reflect on how the Christian virtue of hospitality supports inclusive professional practices
  • Earn an education elective credit (EDUC 312: Practicum in Guidance and Development) by spending your summer working in an established ministry or education setting serving children
  • Engage in practices of intercessory prayer, pilgrimage and journaling
  • Participate in Chapel
  • Participate in the life of a local church
  • Gain hands-on ministry experience on a Global Service Trip
  • Engage in practices of silence, spiritual listening and examen
  • Integrate your growing professional knowledge with Christian spiritual formation (BIBM 439: Teaching and Learning for Spiritual Formation, BIBM 434, 435 and 492)
  • Serve as a volunteer with local youth
  • Participate in Chapel
  • Engage in a local church
  • Receive and extend blessings to others at Senior Blessing
  • Experience Candlelight Sendoff
  • Engage in practices of friendship, relinquishment and developing a rule of life
  • Exercise in the Rec Center and/or Play Intramurals
  • Participate in a Student Organization
  • Self assess using ACU Teacher Education Dispositions Rubric and identify areas for personal growth

  • Serve in a Leadership Role on Campus
  • Lead in a Church Ministry or Local Service Organization

  • Attend Events Hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)
  • Explore the opportunities of Study Abroad
  • Participate in World Wide Witness Summer Internship
  • Attend Events Hosted by the International Students Association (ISA)
  • Study Abroad in Oxford, Leipzig or Montevideo
  • Explore the cultural diversity of today's classrooms in EDUC 211
  • Reflect on your current understanding of culture and the impact of diversity in today's classrooms
  • Attend Events Hosted by the Carl Spain Center on Race Studies and Spiritual Action
  • Attend special Teaching as Missions Chapel presentations
  • Support English learners in your future classroom in EDUC 476
  • Apply to Fulbright Scholar, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, Intercultural Service Opportunity
  • Reflect on Personal Growth in Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Explore career possibilities by completing PathwayU
  • Activate your Handshake profile
  • Participate in Creative U
  • Apply to the ACU Teacher Education Program and become an official candidate for Texas teacher certification
  • Set your personal account with the Texas Education Agency
  • Shadow a classroom
  • Seek professional learning experiences
  • Attend the ACU Teacher Education Alumni in Action Conference
  • Attend the Morlan Award Dinner

  • Attend the ACU Teacher Education Alumni in Action Conference
  • Be in attendance of the Morlan Award Dinner
  • Participate in the interdisciplinary simulation of the special education ARD Process
  • Engage in public school classrooms
  • Experience the Teacher Education Program Completion Orientation
  • Apply for Graduate School
  • Attend the ACU Teacher Education Alumni in Action Conference
  • See you at the Morlan Dinner
  • Present your Senior Showcase
  • Earn your Google Level II Certification
  • Build your own Google Site
  • Complete the ACU August Experience
  • Complete a full semester of Clinical Teaching
  • Finalize your Resume'
  • Secure letters of Recommendation
  • Apply for Jobs
  • Apply for Teacher Certification by state