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Company founded by alumnus helps nonprofits prosper

So, what comes “next after” this? It’s a question people ask every day, whether about the next work project or the next step in life. For Jeff Giddens, ACU Class of 2005, and two friends, the answer was in the question itself, as they formed NextAfter, a company that helps nonprofit organizations leverage conversion rate … Continued

Darbie Angell (’04) | Cru Dinnerware CEO and designer

Darbie Angell didn’t wish upon a star. It took hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit to make her dreams come true. But come true they have – and in a big way. Angell’s company, CRU Dinnerware, entered into a lucrative partnership with Disney that swept her into a magical world of creating designs for the global entertainment giant. … Continued

Chandler Harris (’12) | M.A. in Communication

You might not think that having a master’s in communication would be the most beneficial degree to have if you want a job in the business field. But Chandler Harris would argue that it gives him a unique advantage. “A communication degree opens up so many different opportunities in the real world where those critical … Continued

Casey Orr (’08) | Teacher Education

When Casey Orr stepped out her front door on a cold day in December and noticed the temperature, her first thought wasn’t of the icy roads or a snow-covered car. Instead, she remembered a little girl in her third-grade class whose coat was too small. Her automatic response was to look for a coat of … Continued

Chris Monroe (’89) | College of Business Administration

If you think your fuel bill is high, meet Chris Monroe (’89). His bill is a staggering $500 million per month. Monroe, treasurer for Southwest Airlines, was featured in a CNBC report in May 2012 about his fuel-hedging efforts that have saved the airline more than $3 billion over the past decade. Southwest Airlines has … Continued

Hollie Young (’05) | Marriage and Family Studies

Children can find much to frighten them in a hospital setting – syringes, anesthesia, loud machines, strangers in white coats. Hollie (Rambo’ 05) Young, a certified child life specialist at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, uses familiar objects to help young patients cope with their fears. Child-friendly environment Whether the child is in ER, day surgery … Continued

Rebecca Barker

Rebecca Barker (’04) | Deep In The Heart Art Foundry

Head Patineur and Conservator, Deep In The Heart Art Group As an art student at ACU, Rebecca Barker (’04) helped shape one of the campus icons, Jacob’s Dream, an almost 40-foot bronze sculpture, surrounded by weathered stones. Now Rebecca helps shape other artists’ work as head patineur and conservator of Deep In The Heart Art … Continued

Haitian graduate has big plans for his ACU education

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, a master of divinity, and minors in political science and business administration, Megeste Pierre (M.Div. ’18) is ready for just about anything he might be interested in. He’s interested in all those topics and has great plans for using them. Megeste, a native of Haiti, got his master … Continued

Childhood emergency with horse led to veterinary career

When Jennifer Grimes (’03) was 14, one of her family’s quarter horses was stricken with colic and required emergency surgery to save its life. That was the day she decided to become a veterinarian. The family rushed the horse to Texas A&M University’s surgical facilities and rejoiced when the surgery was successful. For Jennifer, however, … Continued