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Blanton, Wilson García honored on Alumni Day

Emotions were high and standing ovations were plentiful at the 2019 Alumni Day luncheon on Sunday, Feb. 17, which honored Michael Blanton (’73) as Outstanding Alumnus of the Year, and Kara Wilson García (’07) as Young Alumna of the Year, both of whom were praised as compassionate and kind servant leaders.   Both were visibly … Continued
Abilene 20 Under 40

20 Under 40: ACU alumni recognized

20 Under 40 is an awards program from the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, conducted with the Abilene Reporter-News, to recognize local business leaders under the age of 40 who make a positive impact on the community. We are proud of our alumni who have been recognized for 2019. Stories and photos  courtesy of Abilene Reporter-News. Allison Carroll (’04) Age: 35 … Continued

20 Under 40: Taylor Sturgis

Age: 32 Business: Key Appraisal Group Job title: Owner, certified real estate appraiser Why are you working in this industry? I was approached by a customer, in my previous profession in Fort Worth, about becoming a trainee with his appraisal firm. After working with his firm for two years, we moved to Abilene and, shortly after, we started … Continued

20 Under 40: Jenn Rogers

Age: 38 Business: Abilene Christian University Job Title: Instructor of teacher education Why are you working in this industry? All learners deserve to have a supportive and caring environment conducive to creativity and meaningful learning. I have a strong desire to provide future teachers with community and evidence-based practices that will positively impact the 21st century classroom of … Continued

20 Under 40: Jasmine McCabe-Gossett

Age: 30 Business: Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Abilene Job title: Human resources director Why are you working in this industry? Hospitals have an uncanny ability to connect people regardless of their socio-economic status, innate abilities, influence, etc. Working in healthcare as a human resources professional both satisfied my aspiration to serve others, as well as, provide them … Continued

20 Under 40: Jeffrey Edwards, M.D.

Age: 32 Business: Hendrick Provider Network Job title: Physician, internal medicine Why are you working in this industry? The relationship between a patient and his/her healthcare provider is uniquely intimate. Being in medicine allows me to truly see a person’s thought process, emotions, support system, family dynamics, and (not to overstate it) their heart and soul. While forming … Continued

20 Under 40: Allison Carroll

Age: 35 Business: Monks Coffee Shop Job Title: Owner Why are you working in this industry?  Simply put: I love coffee, and I love the incredible sense of community that can be created around coffee. Nothing else I’ve encountered has quite the same ability as a good cup of joe to foster moments of genuine connection between people … Continued

Beth Daugherity earned a chemistry degree from ACU and husband Mike is an associate professor in ACU’s Department of Engineering and Physics.

Alumna finds herself involved in medical research as scientist, patient

    Beth (Hull ’01) Daugherity was vacuuming when it happened. A strange, unmistakable twinge in her ribs that crackled, like Rice Krispies in milk. Over the next several days, her discomfort grew. She couldn’t sleep on her left side and wondered if she had pneumonia even though she wasn’t coughing. An x-ray revealed a … Continued

10 Questions with Duke professor Charles Holton, J.D.

    Not everyone who needs a lawyer can afford one, and sometimes their stories are the most heart-breaking: A single mother who found herself homeless and her two children placed into foster care because of a clerical error a local public housing authority refused to fix. Or an 80-year-old retired teacher who lost her … Continued