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Frequently Asked Questions

As you prepare your application for the ACU Master of Science in Social Work program, you may have questions very similar to those of other applicants. Below are answers to a list of commonly asked questions.

As you prepare your application for the ACU Master of Science in Social Work program, you may have questions very similar to those of other applicants. Below are answers to a list of commonly asked questions.

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Please click here to begin the application process. Within the application portal you can send recommendation requests, upload documents, and check your admission status.

Yes, ACU offers both Standard and Advanced Standing programs. Students with any undergraduate major can apply for the Standard, two-year program. Only students with a BSW from an accredited university can apply for the one-year Advanced Standing program.

The priority review deadline is February 16th (for scholarships, GA positions, and field practicum sites). The standard review deadline is May 1st (the deadline may be extended if space is available).

Yes, the $65 application fee can be paid within your application portal.

The minimum GPA is a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. If your undergraduate GPA is below a 3.0, the GRE or MAT entrance exam is required. Please speak with the Advising and Recruiting Specialist for more information about GRE requirements.

Please include professional references only. We would like to see at least one recommendation from a previous professor. Other professional references could include a job supervisor or field placement supervisor.

With a rolling-admissions process, you will be notified of your admission decision usually within two weeks of submitting your completed application materials.


Yes, the ACU MSSW is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE).

Students can apply for a fall, spring or summer start. Only Advanced Standing applicants may start in a Summer term.

We are an Advanced Generalist program with an Evidence-based Practice emphasis. As a result, graduates are equipped to enter the field to work with all clients, populations, and social problems.

Yes, the Certificate in Social Service Administration can be earned within the MSSW, without adding additional hours to your degree plan.

Yes, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Theology, the MSSW has developed a path whereby students can pursue the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry concurrently with the MSSW.

Full-time students complete the Standard MSSW (64 credit hours) in two years. The Advanced Standing MSSW (38 hours) is completed in one year.

To create an environment for effective student learning, our class sizes do not exceed a max of 23 students. Most classes have between 11-15 students.

Following a 6-hour summer seminar, Advanced Standing students move directly into the 38-hour year of study which can be completed entirely through remote learning. Two-year students can complete their second year of the program (last 32 hours) remotely as well.

Yes, students can enroll part-time in both the Standard and Advanced-Standing MSSW programs. This is a popular option for those with several commitments outside of their graduate studies.

Yes, it is possible to transfer graduate credit with graduate faculty approval.

Yes, all of our graduates are equipped with the skills and eligibility requirements to pursue licensure after graduation. Our thesis option provides an excellent foundation for future PhD plans.

With a unique evidence-based practice program emphasis, our faculty and students have many opportunities to pursue research opportunities and present at national and international conferences! All social work graduate students have the option to choose between a thesis connected to their final field placement or an applied research project with the support and mentorship of several faculty members.

Learn more about ACU MSSW Field Education and Practicum!
More about the MSSW Practicum

Students in the two-year program will complete a total of two field placements while in the program. The first field placement requires 400 hours throughout the academic year, and the second field placement requires 500 hours. Advanced standing students will complete one 500-hour field placement during the academic year.

More about the MSSW Practicum

For cost information, please visit the Social Work page and review the “Degree Details” section. Scholarships are offered on a competitive basis.

Yes! Learn more about scholarship and GA opportunities.

Yes. Field and course schedules can vary each semester, so students should seek employment that provides flexibility.

Yes! Please contact the Office of Graduate Programs ( or 325-674-6911) to learn more about upcoming Open Houses and/or to schedule a campus visit.