Internship Opportunities

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In addition to ACU’s on-site Marriage and Family Institute, several off-site internships are also available. A brief description of each site follows.

  • The Marriage and Family Institute (MFI) – The MFI is a fully functioning, professional mental health clinic located within the MFT program at ACU.
  • Batterer Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP)–BIPP provides classes to men and women court-ordered to treatment for domestic violence offenses. Interns co-facilitate classes with a licensed therapist.
  • Ministry of Counseling and Enrichment (MOCE) – The MOCE is a nonprofit counseling center located in downtown Abilene and associated with First Baptist Church of Abilene. Approximately 10 professionally licensed therapists practice full- or part-time at MOCE. ACU interns provide therapy to clients who are uninsured and/or cannot afford to pay the full fee for licensed therapists.
  • Medical and Counseling Care Center (MaCCC) – The MaCCC is located on the campus of ACU and provides therapy to ACU students, faculty, and staff. MFT interns who are particularly interested in working with the college-age population will gain valuable experience at this placement. In addition to providing individual counseling to students, interns also have the opportunity to participate in group therapy focused on developmental issues that affect college students such as eating disorders, body image, sexual/pornography addiction, and others.
  • FaithWorks of Abilene – FaithWorks is a nonprofit agency that provides job training to the under-employed of Abilene. FaithWorks is a holistic program that incorporates the spiritual, interpersonal, and intrapersonal in addition to the professional factors of successful employment. MFT interns provide two hours of weekly group therapy to FaithWorks students.
  • King David’s Kids (KDK) – KDK is a nonprofit program associated with Pioneer Drive Baptist Church that seeks to provide support and services to families with children who have been diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorders. MFT interns provide weekly supportive group therapy to the siblings of children who have been diagnosed with a PDD.
  • Texas Family Institute (TFI) – TFI is a non-profit counseling center providing therapy to individuals, couples, families, and children. This internship provides MFT interns with the opportunity to work with clients mandated for anger management as well as substance abuse.
  • Shades of Hope – Shades of Hope is a residential and extended care all-addictions treatment center specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring addictions. MFT interns assist clients by providing group and individual counseling.