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Welcome to the School of Educational Leadership!

In the School of Educational Leadership (SoEL), we offer graduate degrees that prepare professionals in schools and other organizations to lead with purpose, skill, and integrity. We invite you to bring your whole self to the task of learning including your faith and your sense of vocation. In our rigorous online programs, you will learn to use research and theory to improve professional practice. You will learn to think critically about complex situations, use data strategically, and act thoughtfully and with integrity.

We designed our SoEL masters degrees to help you shape yourself into an expert practitioner in higher education or in K-12 schools. Through our Doctor of Education, you become a scholar-practitioner who can interpret current research and apply it to leadership practice in a wide variety of organizations. Our goal is to equip you to serve others by providing you with opportunities to enhance your gifts and talents through reflective practice, and in so doing find meaning and purpose in your work.

Curious to know if ACU’s School of Education Leadership offers the right program for you?

  • If you have your bachelor degree and are thinking about eventually getting a doctorate, call and ask about our masters to doctorate pipeline.
  • If you want to be a master teacher, refine your craft, be a leader of collaborative professional development for other teachers, call and ask about our M.Ed.
  • If you are called to be a peacemaker, call and ask about our specializations in conflict resolution.
  • If you want to transform leadership in any organization, ask us about the EdD in organizational leadership.
  • If you are serving and supporting college students, ask about our specialization in higher education.
  • If you want to be a trainer and developer of training for professional learning and talent development using technology, call about our specialization in Learning with Emerging Technology.