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The academic program is enhanced by access to facilities in the Royce and Pam
Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center. These facilities serve as both a
laboratory for majors and a recreation/fitness facility for the entire campus.  The nutrition
program has a fully equipped Laboratory for Experiential Activities in Nutrition (LEAN) in
the Center. There are two classrooms in the Center, both of which are “smart”
classrooms. Recreational and fitness facilities include four gyms for court games; two
group exercise areas; a large exercise area with strength training equipment, stair
climbers, elliptical machines, and treadmills for aerobic workouts; a free-weight area; two
indoor swimming pools; and men’s and women’s dressing rooms. Lighted tennis courts
are adjacent to the center.

The Teague Special Events Center has a newly renovated area that now functions as
the Athletic Training Classroom and Lab, which joins the current Athletic Department
athletic training room. Another newly renovated space in the Teague Special Events
Center houses the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL), which is a resource for our
majors to learn to analyze body composition, cardiovascular function, blood chemistry,
respiratory function, muscular strength, and flexibility. These analyses are available for
faculty, staff, and students who wish to assess their personal health by using state-of-
the-art technology, such as the DEXA and the Parvo metabolic measurement system.
Computer assisted nutritional analysis, stress profiles and personal evaluations are also
available in the HPL.