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School of Information, Technology and Computing

Participate in research, real-world projects and clubs.

Participate in research, real-world projects and clubs.

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SIGCHI is the leading organization for students and professionals who are interested in the study of human-computer interaction. The ACU chapter of SIGCHI welcomes students who want to learn more about making usable technology. It also offers students the opportunity to conduct research in this field.

The ACU SIGCHI Chapter is sponsored by Professor James Prather.

Women in Technology

Women in Technology is a student organization for our female SITC members. This group meets monthly to hear from industry professionals and young alumni about their experience in the industry, trends in the field, or best practices.

Projects and Activities

  • Project Minerva
  • Programming contest
  • LAN parties
  • Web development
  • Programming languages
  • RoboticsGuest speakers

Activities & Clubs

Springboard Ideas Challenge

If you are interested in starting your own business or making your software idea a successful business venture, participating in the Springboard Ideas Challenge is a great place to start. Each spring, ACU’s Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy hosts a business plan submission competition.

  • Project Minerva
  • Programming contest
  • LAN parties
  • Web developmentProgramming languages
  • RoboticsGuest speakers

Digital Entertainment Technology Club

The Digital Entertainment Technology (DET) Club welcomes students interested in learning more about video game development, film production, animation or any other form of digital entertainment or media. The ACU DET Club is sponsored by Dr. Brian Burton.

  • Project Minerva
  • ACU Virtual Campus
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Global Game JamGuest speakers

Film Fest

Abilene Christian University’s FilmFest is a student film festival designed to give those interested in film production and the motion picture and entertainment industries a creative outlet, and networking opportunities through alumni and industry professionals that serve as judges for the event. To find out more about how technology and film intertwine learn about our Digital Entertainment Technology Degree.

Research & Career Opportunities

SITC Research Fellows

A great way to prepare for graduate school is to start being involved in research during your undergraduate years. Because of the smaller size of our programs and our emphasis on undergraduate education, our students are able to work on research side by side with their professors. This not only allows for students to have a job on campus but also obtain research experience prior to their graduate school years. If you would like more information on available SITC Research Fellows positions, please email:

Wildcat Software

Wildcat Software is a student-run, staff-mentored software development company. Students employed by Wildcat Software have the opportunity to work for real employees on a variety of tasks, including mobile app, web, or software development, gain experience with customer interface and understand the process of managing deliverables. Students grow a greater breadth of knowledge than a classroom experience alone provides while experiencing real-world, hands-on opportunities.