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American Chemical Society Links
American Chemical Society
Contains links to info on American Chemical Society membership, careers and jobs, ACS publications, meetings, green chemistry, Ā science news, and a wide variety of other things.

Chemical Abstracts
Chemical Abstracts Services is a division of ACS which focuses on finding and using scientific literature and information.

A resource for job hunting and career searches sponsored by ACS.

Other Useful Sites for Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry Internet Resource for Research Undergraduate Students.

Virtual Library
This page lists a large number of sites useful to chemists and chemistry students.

NIST Chemistry WebBook
National Institutes of Science and Technology page. This contains a database containing a large amount of information on organic compounds: structures, properties, references & authors, thermodynamic data, etc. You can search by author, material, CAS registry number, and other criteria.

Yahoo organizes search information into categories. Great resource.

The Virtual Chemistry Center
An amazing compendium of news, various periodic tables, calculators, unit conversions, etc. A virtual “Reference Desk”; in fact, it is Ā also titled “Martindale’s Reference Desk”.

American Association for Chemical Chemistry
A site for clinical laboratory professionals, physicians, research scientists, etc.

Ralph Claessen’s Chemistryl Index
A searchable site with thousands of links to databases, literature, freeware, cheap software, and other stuff of interest to chemists. Also lists the “tops 5%” of chemistry-related sites according to usefulness or other criteria.