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Study Abroad Opportunities

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Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

The Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy at Abilene Christian University is focused on developing an entrepreneurial and giving spirit throughout the ACU community, including the greater Abilene area.

The center was launched in 2011 and has received national awards for its student programs and engagement on ACU’s campus. Through ACU Startup Week and Springboard, the center has also partnered with various organizations to promoteconnect and equip the regional entrepreneurship community.

Lytle Center for Faith and Leadership

The Lytle Center for Faith and Leadership is an academic center situated in the College of Business Administration at Abilene Christian University.  The Center was endowed to serve the larger ACU community in character and leadership development efforts with a generous donor gift in 2015.  Initial efforts of the Center included sponsoring and advancing Leadership Summit and the Distinguished Speaker Series, two spiritually formative leadership events started by the founding Director and namesake for the Center, Dr. Rick Lytle.  Dr. Lytle was the Dean of the College of Business Administration at ACU from 1999-2016 and now serves as the CEO and President of CEO Forum and continues in a Director Emeritus role with the Lytle Center.

As the Lytle Center focuses on the vision of “transforming the workplace by training up leaders of exemplary character,” it seeks to serve the ACU community by offering curricular and co-curricular programming in the area of spiritual leadership development.  Grounded in the rich faith heritage of ACU, the Lytle Center strives to create environments conducive to the formation of leaders who have unrivaled character and leadership competency.  Since our primary focus is on formation, our programming and events are tailored to be communal experiences marked by relationship, accountability, and authenticity.  We couple this formational process with training in the latest research on effective leadership practices.  The Lytle Center actively encourages the discovery and dissemination of organizational leadership research, specifically as it intersects with faith.

Professional Development


Our business and technology students are able to apply for an internship position and gain course credit for this experience. This is a common experience for our seniors and some of our juniors. An internship provides you with real work experience in the industry of your choice, allowing you to apply the skills and knowledge you gain in the classroom. You will also learn what it’s like to work for a particular firm or organization. It’s not uncommon for companies to use the internship process as a pre-selection process for future employees.

Are you interested in an internship? Reach out to Tim Johnston, Professional Development Manager.