Accounting and Finance

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Accounting is known as the language of business – crucial for communicating financial data among organizations and individuals and instrumental within any organization for determining growth and stability. Accounting is a degree with a wide array of possibilities: every field needs the acumen of an accountant to make decisions and formulate strategy.

A degree in accounting prepares students for careers in accounting and consulting firms, investment banks, and other institutions. Accounting majors often pursue careers as corporate accountants, financial analysts, staff auditors, or tax consultants.

Financial management studies how money moves from one place to another, and what that movement means for individuals and organizations world-wide. This information is used to project future growth and analyze expenditures in order to strategize company or personal finances, including organizations in both private and public sectors. Those in finance careers often have the added responsibility of predicting and analyzing the potential for profit and growth, assessing monetary resources, and looking externally for future funding options.

A financial management degree is a great starting point for careers in financial services, across banking, business, and consulting sectors. Financial management majors often pursue careers in the following industries: Investment banking, insurance, real estate, consulting, financial services, and banking.