The Department of Engineering and Physics at ACU deepens your understanding of the physical world through theory, application, analysis and practical design. As you develop technical knowledge and practical skills as a physics or engineering major, you learn to understand God’s handiwork in the laws of the universe and apply those principles to improve the lives of people everywhere.

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Cathy Villarreal 
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For information in regards to the labs at Bennett Gymnasium, please contact:
Chad Longley
Engineering & Physics Labs Supervisor


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Monique Marquardt 
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Victoria Garcia
Student Success Manager
Department of Engineering & Physics
Onstead 137F
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From research and development to testing and production, engineers design and manage the products that improve our quality of life. Engineers improve transportation, develop better nano-technologies for healthcare, design electrical systems, protect the environment, streamline manufacturing and harness nuclear energy, among other undertakings. These careers can begin with ACU’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering, in which you’ll study and apply the laws with which God structured the universe.


ACU physics students gain extensive experience as undergraduates. Not mere observers of physics research, they are active, well-trained participants entrusted with key responsibilities in their work with faculty members and international scientists at national research laboratories.