GST Purpose Statement Requirements

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The writing of an autobiographical statement is considered a critical element in the evaluation of your application. Not only is the autobiography a way to introduce yourself to the admissions committee, but it also will help your faculty advisor guide and evaluate your learning experience in our program. With this in mind, please write a writing sample, three to five pages in length (typed, double spaced) about your life that addresses the following:

  • Tell us about yourself. Include information and anecdotes that you think are important to know in order to understand your formation as a Christian and your decision to pursue a graduate theological education.
  • Tell us about your religious background and your current church involvement. Be sure to include areas of ministry in which you have served and your own sense of how God has gifted you.
  • Tell us about your vision for your ministry.
  • Give us a sense of why you believe ACU Graduate School of Theology to be a good fit for your interests and goals. In your answer you should discuss which degree you plan to pursue. Your answer should also reflect your understanding of our degree programs and the rigor of graduate school in general as well as give some indication of how you are prepared to engage this work head-on.
  • If you have not already mentioned this, tell us about the motivations you believe will sustain you through the program and position you for successful completion of your degree.
  • Optional: If you believe your undergraduate GPA does not accurately reflect your academic ability, explain what has changed and give some evidence as to why you think your performance in graduate school will be different.
  • Optional: If you believe there are specific factors not already mentioned that should be considered in your admission to the seminary please make sure to include them in your writing.