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Why ACU?

Those interested in going back to school often find themselves facing an incredibly difficult decision: What school should I attend? If this question sounds familiar, we want to help you understand what sets Abilene Christian University apart from the rest, and why it might be just the school you are looking for.

Trust and reputation

When you make the decision to return to school, it can be an exciting but also intimidating time. With the variety of schools available, how is a student supposed to know which institution will provide them with the best education and the optimal opportunities for getting started on their dream career path? School choices vary widely today, with students having the choice between brick-and-mortar schools, online schools, and programs that use a combination of the two. To help you find the right school, we recommend you find a university you can trust; one that has a reputation you can depend upon.

At ACU, we have educated students for 115 years. Throughout those years, we have had the opportunity to establish ourselves as a trusted source for obtaining a quality education. Our school has been recognized and awarded many accolades by different organizations.

The excellent experience and education offered at ACU has even been highlighted by U.S. News & World Report. In 2020, we were ranked 12th in our region, also receiving recognition for the service-learning opportunities students have, the first-year experience we create, and the learning communities we build within our institution.

Our MBA program holds the high distinction of having a second accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Only an estimated 5 percent of schools offering MBA programs receive the honor of this programmatic accreditation, speaking clearly to the quality of the programs we have to offer here at ACU. It is the highest honor that can go to schools of business. Similar recognition exists for our School of Nursing, which received additional accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Our students choose ACU because they know that they can count on the programs and professors we have here. As leaders in their fields, our professors lead invigorating classrooms and help our students receive the education that they need to succeed. With our many years of experience, our reputation precedes us. Companies and non-profit organizations alike know that they can count on graduates who come to them with degrees from one of our many programs.

Vocational formation

At ACU, we know that what we do in our jobs matters far beyond our own individual lives. It matters to our families, our society, and it matters to God. We believe that God cares about the type of world that we help to create, and that influences how we set up our courses and the environment we nurture for our students.

At ACU, you will find an atmosphere that encourages human flourishing. We want to help each of our students uncover what it means for them to live out their vocation, to grow in the space that God has created for them in the world.

Throughout your education, you will understand ways you can use your career to help you contribute to the common good. The experience you receive at ACU will uniquely help you prepare for your future. We hope to inspire in our students a deep sense of curiosity towards others and the world. We want them to ask themselves what it means to be more attentive and what practices help them deepen their spirituality and their commitment to those around them. We want them to step out into the world ready to act for justice, mercy, and compassion.

Supportive community

Students entering higher education programs today often have many competing factors to balance. They may have to consider how to juggle school, work, and other responsibilities. That is why, at ACU, we pride ourselves on the support we provide for our students. Our enrollment and student services teams will walk with each of our students throughout the entire process. Our students can reach out to our teams for answers and guidance throughout their educational journey.

As students work toward their degree, they know they have someone there who understands their goals and wants to see them succeed. This personalized approach helps to create an enriching environment where students not only receive the education they need to thrive within their career but also one that will help them form connections and relationships that will last a lifetime.

At ACU, we believe that providing students with outstanding professionals and challenging courses is only one part of the equation. We also want to create an entire educational experience that helps students reach their goals and prosper on the path they have begun. It is through this mission that we have built a program that appeals to our students.

If you want to have the chance to receive an education from a trusted school that also will help support your vocational development in an incredibly nurturing environment, then you have come to the right place. To learn more about our programs and how ACU online can benefit you, visit We look forward to learning more about how we can help you.