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All first- and second-year students are required to live on campus. Exceptions to this rule include students who are 21 years old or older, students who graduated high school two or more years ago, students who will live with a parent in Abilene, and married students.

Please see the Residence Life page for more information regarding dorms, prices, opening and closing dates, and frequently asked questions here.

Upperclassmen and graduate students may live off campus at a place of their choosing. A convenient option is University Park Apartments, an on-campus apartment complex that is within walking distance to any building on ACU campus. Single occupancy, two-bedroom, and four-bedroom options are available. More information, such as pricing and floor plans, can be found here.

There are also rooms and houses available in the neighborhoods near campus. Rent in this area ranges from about $300 per month to $600 per month, depending on how much space is offered and how many (if any) roommates are desired. These housing options will include monthly bills in addition to the price of monthly rent. Rooms and houses can be found on the ACU classifieds on MyACU. Click on “Forums and Classifieds,” then on “Classifieds,” then on “Housing.” Or click here.