Management Sciences Overview

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The most flexible of the business majors, a management degree from ACU prepares a graduate to enter any organization, whether it be a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit, or a start-up business. Many of these students jump-start their careers through a management trainee program. The management degree offers concentrations in business leadership, human resource management, and entrepreneurship. Each management major must choose at least one concentration.


A marketing degree focuses on the principles and strategies of business marketing. Students who graduate with a marketing degree have a variety of options in fields such as customer service, public relations/ marketing analysis, and sales with a wide range of organizations. Marketing majors may choose to add a concentration to their degree, selecting from one of the three management concentrations offered.

Information Systems

An IS degree combines an understanding of business management with a basic understanding of computer programming, networking and database management. This combination of information systems and business understanding provides a variety of beginning career opportunities, including business intelligence analysis, information system analysis, system implementation consulting, and support management.