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The Department of Language and Literature encourages students to joyfully and critically engage texts, languages, and expressions of human nature from the most ancient to what just appeared on the web this week.

With its diverse offering of programs and courses, our department prepares students to excel in the areas of close reading, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and creative writing, all of which are applicable to 21st century careers.

Language and stories are fundamental to how human beings understand the world and each other, and we believe that engaging the people and paradigms around us is a central aspect of our calling as individuals of faith. The Christian heritage of ACU informs our departmental mission of intellectual pursuit and rigor in effort to be both empathetic and compassionate towards others. Our courses are geared towards helping students read, speak, and think in Christ-centered ways.

Knowing that learning takes place outside the classroom as well as within, we take seriously the task of creating a lively, engaged culture of learning for all majors and minors. This is promoted through chapters of national honor societies in English and Spanish, two student-run literary journals (The Shinnery Review and Hispaniola) and an annual visiting writer event. You can see more about the everyday world of an ACU Language and Literature student by visiting our Facebook page.

Our department is built around three core components:

A wide array of courses in, British, American, and world literatures, as well as various fields of rhetoric and composition studies and a full complement of genre-specific creative writing workshops. Minors include film studies and professional writing.

World Languages
Course offerings in Spanish, French, and German focused on linguistics, literature, and culture. Students can major in Spanish or attain a minor in any of the three languages.

English Masters
Our English Graduate Program offers three tracks: Literature; Rhetoric/Composition; and Creative Writing. Small class sizes and diverse course offerings from a variety of faculty members give students the opportunity to develop their own scholarly interests while also gaining fundamental preparation in areas like literary theory and composition studies.