Committed to an affordable education.

Abilene Christian University is doing its part to increase access to higher education by offering an innovative approach to pricing. 

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Our Approach - Block Tuition (Flat-rate)

To offer our full-time students greater flexibility in their schedule and minimize costs, we’ve developed a Block Tuition model (also called flat-rate). This means that, for one annual rate, all tuition and related fees for up to 36 credit hours are included. (Room and board not included.)


Block tuition allows full-time students to shuffle 36 credits worth of courses between the fall, spring and summer semesters – this includes for-credit summer internships and study-abroad opportunities. This model also allows students to complete their degree requirements sooner. Graduating in less than four years can significantly reduce the overall cost of education and get you into the workforce sooner. 


The block-tuition pricing model can save students up to $6,000. For instance, students no longer have to pay extra should they wish to take a summer course, or take more than 18 credits one particular semester; it’s already included. By taking more credits per semester, students can graduate early. 

Tuition, Fees and Room and Board

  • Tuition and Fees: $32,020 (Covers 24-36 hours for fall, spring and summer courses. Some optional fees are not included such as New Student Orientation and parking permit)
  • Room and Board: $9,500* (Housing and meal plan rates vary by selection.)

2016-17 Total Estimated Cost: $41,520

Ready to Be a Part?

We’re eager to see not only what you can accomplish with an ACU education, but how your unique perspective can enrich your fellow classmates and ACU as a whole.