Studies Eligible for Expedited Review


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Expedited research must be minimal risk and fall into one of the 7 categories listed. The application form below includes a checklist to help guide you.

Investigators may request that an activity be routed for expedited review, but the final determination will be made by the ORSP/IRB Office.

Please complete the forms below and any other requested items and submit to per the submission instructions.


  • Expedited Review Request Form
  • Signed Assurance Form – Faculty
  • Signed Assurance Form – Student
  • Consent Form OR Alteration/Waiver of Consent Form

Also attach, if applicable

  • NIH Training Certificates
  • Participant solicitations
  • Surveys
  • Vulnerable Populations Form
  • HIPAA/FERPA Form and HIPAA/FERPA Consent Form

The IRB documents have been revised as of January 2018 and can be found in the ORSP Canvas Classroom. You may enroll in the classroom by clicking here.