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Amending an Active Study

Any and all proposed changes to a study, no matter how minor (including changes to personnel, methodology, or numbers), must receive prior approval by the IACUC before being implemented.

Significant changes that require IACUC review include those involving new procedures, changes in pain/distress categories, change in primary personnel (e.g., PI), or changes in species.

Minor, administrative changes, such as changes in non-essential personnel or contact information may be submitted for administrative approval by the IACUC Office.

Minor increases in animal numbers may be administratively approved when the request is no more than 10% of the initial request and a satisfactory justification for the increase is provided. The IACUC Chair may make this determination. At any time, the chair may determine that the request requires IACUC review.

For the above amendments, an amendment request form may be submitted detailing the request.

Certain changes may be approved by Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC). Such requests must not involve new procedures, but may involve minor changes to already approved procedures, such as the frequency, duration, or number of procedures performed; the type or dose of medication used; or the method of euthanasia. To request a VVC, the researchers should complete a consultation form and submit it to The request will be sent to the veterinarian who will determine if the requested change is permissible under VVC, conduct the consult, and either approve the request, recommend revisions, or defer the decision to the IACUC.

Please complete the forms below and any other requested items and submit to per the submission instructions.


  • Amendment Request Form, Animal
  • Signature and Assurance Form, Animal
  • All revised forms with all changes made in track changes

Also attach, if applicable:

  • NIH Training Certificates for any new team members
  • Any new forms identified in the Amendment Request Form
  • Unanticipated Event, Noncompliance Form, Animals, (if the amendment request is due to a problem)