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Other Programs

3C Dinner
The Cross-Cultural Conversations dinner creates an environment for diversity in the community by educating International and Domestic students alike in the various cultural approaches that countries around the world take in solving and responding to different problems/situations. The dinners take place monthly and are graciously hosted by ACU faculty and led by a guest speaker. With a delicious meal and an interactive discussion, students (both from the United States and countries all over the world) are able to learn about one another’s cultures, as well relate how other students may respond to different situations.

Cultural Immersion Dinner
This event is designed to be a dinner where students are able to personally invite and teach faculty about the cultural norms and values of their countries, and how that subsequently influences their classroom experience. During this dinner, students will be able to select and serve a meal of their choice from their country, as well as highlight and discuss important aspects of their culture. This event helps strengthen student-professor relationships and brings insight into how ACU faculty can always be improving their student’s classroom experience.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
To foster friendships between incoming international students and current students who have been a part of the international student community of ACU, this program assists new students with their transition and adjustment to college life in America. Incoming students will be given the opportunity to be matched with a Big (current student), who will assist new students with getting settled in: showing them around campus, helping them find their classrooms, showing them where to buy their textbooks, getting their student ID’s, etc. With a constant mentor throughout their Wildcat experience, incoming students can transition easier as well as have a friend to attend events and connect with.

Workshops on OPT, CPT
Through the Office of International Students and Visiting Scholars (located in the Admin building), certain students may be eligible to work off-campus when the work is directly related to their course of study. You must have special permission to do this. In order to learn the process of how to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Lucy Dawson will offer workshops as announced during the semesters.