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Our outstanding team is here to serve you.

Nuria Hall
Director, Academic Advising and Career Services

Brian Turnbow DWS, CCDAA
Associate Director, Academic Advising and Career Services
Certified in Strong Interest Inventory, WorkPlace Big Five Profile

Jonathan Shelburne
Academic and Career Development Advisor

Lauren Boyles MA, LPC
Career Development Coach

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Life Beyond the Classroom

Your passions reach beyond your academic goals. At ACU, your opportunities for involvement extend far outside your classwork. The experience you gain, memories you form and relationships you build through club sports, honors societies and student organizations contribute to your long-lasting sense of belonging and purpose.

With more than 100 student organizations, ACU’s vibrant student life empowers you to be involved and develop connections where your passion is.

Notable Internships

Stellar internships are key to expanding your experiential learning and gaining hands-on experience in a field before graduation. Handshake is the official job and internship connection for ACU students and alumni. Discover your next great opportunity, engage with employers and step toward your future success.

Resume and Cover Letter

Welcome to OptimalResume, a career management platform brought to you in partnership with Abilene Christian University. OptimalResume is a free resume building system that allows you to create your resume using pre-made samples. You will find a variety of career tools to help you create, present, manage and share your professional credentials.