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Wired, not

I deeply miss my MacBook Pro laptop, which is sitting on the couch wondering when it will be put in the truck for the drive to the airport. Loading the truck with luggage this morning was not my finest hour. Yep, after considerable time and thought and effort to bring everything I needed to make … Continued

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question

I’m not as bad as my late dad, who never heard a sermon he couldn’t fall asleep to, but it doesn’t take much time in an airplane seat (or another upholstered one) to put me away for at least a while. Read a little, sleep a little, repeat as needed, and before you know it, … Continued

Up, up and away

About a dozen of our traveling party left Dallas Saturday at noon on a 3-plus-hour flight to Boston, where we will be joined by the other dozen ACU passengers for a second flight to Paris, France. The layover in Boston is about 2.5 hours, about the length of a baseball game I’ve always wanted to … Continued

Madagascar fast facts

• It is the world’s fourth largest island, located 400 km (248 miles) off the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. • It has a population of more than 18 million (2006 census). • It was formerly an independent kingdom that became a French colony in 1896 and regained its independence in 1960. … Continued

The ACU delegation to Madagascar

ACU employees and trustees traveling to Madagascar for the commencement ceremony include Dr. Royce and Pam Money (president and first lady); Dr. John Tyson (vice president for development); Dr. Dwayne VanRheenen (ACU provost), Dr. Gary McCaleb (vice president); Jack Rich (senior vice president and chief investment officer); Ron Hadfield (assistant vice president for university communication); … Continued

Madagascar Presidential Scholars

Welcome to ACU Today magazine’s first venture into the world of blogging! I am Ron Hadfield, editor, and ACU’s assistant vice president for university communication. On July 5, two dozen ACU administrators, trustees and friends will travel from Abilene, Texas, to Antananarivo, Madagascar, to help 24 recent ACU alumni celebrate their completion of a bachelor’s … Continued