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The Teacher Education Department is a nationally recognized program in teacher preparation. We are approved by the State of Texas to prepare classroom teachers for service in Pre-K through High School in twenty fields. In this department, you’ll be a part of a teacher education program that will empower you to grow in education, experience learning and shape lives as you live out the love and teaching of Christ.

The mission of ACU’s Department of Teacher Education is to prepare exemplary, committed educators for service in diverse and multicultural communities for the glory of God.

That is a mission we take seriously.

We believe that teaching is a ministry. This ministry calls us to continual personal and professional growth and transformation – a transformation that we cultivate in our teacher education students. We are committed to transforming teacher candidates into responsive professional educators who demonstrate scholarship, relationship, and professional engagement.

Scholarship encompasses both the mastery of knowledge and skills and the disposition of being a lifelong learner. Our teacher candidates value learning. They have an understanding of pedagogy as well as content. They comprehend the distinctive qualities of learners, including their socio-cultural contexts, and the learning process. Candidates are equipped to continuously expand their expertise through participation in professional development and personal reflection. They are prepared to think critically about their practice, reflect on the strengths and needs of their students, and adjust their instruction accordingly.

Effective teachers establish and maintain relationships with learners, their families, communities, and other professionals. Our teacher candidates engage in collaborative activities with colleagues and community stakeholders in order to meet students’ needs. They seek opportunities to share ideas and to invite feedback from peers. They communicate effectively and professionally and are guided by principles of personal and professional integrity.

Engagement in professional activity allows teachers to enact knowledge in practice. Our teacher candidates understand and demonstrate the connection between theory and classroom application. Candidates employ teaching methods that are informed by seminal research and theories, as well as current and emergent understandings of the learning process. They apply their knowledge of learners and learning and continually refine their pedagogy as they reflect on challenges they encounter.

With these principles in mind, we combine our professional knowledge, classroom experience, and faith commitment to transform teacher candidates into exemplary teachers whom God can use to change students’ lives.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Romans 12:2

Dr. Dana Kennamer,
Department Chair