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A Community of Learners and Disciples

We are here to teach you how to ask good questions; how to be curious and virtuous in your pursuit of knowledge; to equip you with the skills of ministry and scholarship; and to serve as models of success and mentors for your journey. At ACU, you learn how to listen and learn from those different from you and with whom you may disagree. Most of all, you can take what you learn here to practically share it through word and action with a hurting world.

The mission of the Graduate School of Theology is to equip men and women for effective missional leadership for ministry in all its forms and to provide strong academic foundations for theological inquiry. Within this framework, the Graduate School of Theology sets its purpose:

  • to prepare men and women for effective work in a variety of ministry settings;
  • to provide specific ministry skills in the areas of preaching, teaching, worship, missions, pastoral counseling, congregational ministry, youth and family ministry, children’s ministry, church leadership, spiritual formation and program development;
  • to provide adequate academic foundations to students in various theological disciplines, including textual studies, biblical languages, church history and historical theology; and
  • to provide an academic and interpersonal environment in which theological disciplines can be integrated with the students’ ministry skills and their personal spiritual development.


Dr. Carson Reed

Dean, Graduate School of Theology
Vice President, Church Relations
Executive Director, Siburt Institute for Church Ministry
Associate Professor

Associate Dean

Dr. Wes Crawford

Associate Dean, Graduate School of Theology
Director, Center for Restoration Studies
Director, MA in Modern and American Christianity
Assistant Professor


Dr. Fred Aquino


Dr. Jeff Childers

Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Religious Texts
Director, MA in Ancient and Oriental Christianity

Dr. Ken Cukrowski

Dean, College of Biblical Studies
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Chris Flanders

Director, MA in Global Service
Director, MDiv in Missions

Dr. Kelli Gibson

Director, MDiv
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mark Hamilton

Director, MA in Old Testament

Dr. Tera Harmon

Director, Distance Learning
Director, MACM
Associate Professor

Dr. Mason Lee

Director, Contextual Education
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tim Sensing

Professor, Graduate School of Theology

Dr. Myles Werntz

Director, Baptist Studies Center
Assistant Professor

Dr. Richard Wright


Administration and Staff

Lisa Alexander
Recruiting and Marketing Coordinator

Ola Mae Bulkley
Executive Assistant, GST Dean

Jenny Kelly
Administrative Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Major Boglin

Dr. Ron Bruner

Dr. Tommy Culwell

Dr. Houston Heflin

Dr. Samjung Kang-Hamilton

Dr. Jacob Lollar

Dr. Tom Long

Dr. Vic McCracken

Dr. Royce Money

Dr. Curt Niccum

Dr. Ben Pickett

Dr. Mark Powell

Dr. Kent Smith

Dr. Greg Stevenson

Dr. Michael Strickland

Dr. Carolyn Thompson

Dr. James Thompson

Dr. Paavo Tucker

Dr. David Wray