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Our Mission

To provide quality training and opportunity for the disciplined theatre artist in a nurturing environment that models Christian values.

The ACU Theatre has at its base a system of values anchored in the Judeo-Christian God. We believe each individual who comes to us is God-created and carries his image in unique, creative ways. We believe in an integrated life in which spiritual depth, intellectual pursuit, artistic excellence, emotional stability, and physical soundness are bound together in a total approach to work and play.

Vocation, Discipline, Community and Christian Values

  • As artists we participate with God to incarnate the word – to give it life and meaning. Madeleine L’Engle says,“I believe that each work of art, whether it is a work of great genius, or something very small, comes to the artist and says, ‘Here I am. Enflesh me. Give birth to me.’ And the artist either says, ‘My soul doth magnify the Lord,’ and willingly becomes the bearer of the work, or refuses.”No matter what path in life we assume to earn our living, we have been called into the vocation of theatre.
  • Discipline is the path to freedom in any craft. Fear, mental laziness, tension, dishonesty, physical blocks, lack of accountability, and all other obstacles to expression, growth, and artistic service must be eradicated, and the means of that process is discipline. Freedom within craft should be the goal of any student in the arts, because it is this freedom that allows the vision of the artist to be fully released.
  • Every theatrical endeavor pursued by the ACU Theatre belongs to the community as a whole. From the lighting operator to the lead actor to guest artists, we are all essential to the creative process. We encourage our students and staff to take ownership of every production regardless of their involvement.
  • As Christians, the sources of our values are God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We believe the scriptures to be the word of God, inspired, and to contain truth that can be reasonably grasped as well as truths that are deep mysteries. And while those at work in the Department of Theatre may differ on some issues of doctrine, there is agreement in the Lordship of Jesus.

Our Task

It is no easy task to comprehend such a calling, nor is it easy to walk such a path. However, we seek the integration of faith and artistic life, and we believe it must be stated clearly that the basis of our life and work (whether in the selection of plays, the building of syllabi for classes, the completion of homework, casting, rehearsals, or crew work) is found in the spiritual values of historic Christianity.