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Percussion Audition Information

Friday, August 14, 2020
Move in to residence halls: 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Band Check-In: 1:00-5:00 p.m. in WPAC North Lobby
Auditions: 6:00-9:30 p.m. in WPAC Percussion studio (Enter at South Entrance)

Special Notes for Fall 2020

We are so excited about seeing all of you on campus! Obviously, some things this year will be different from what we’re used to. Here are some important things to know:

1. We will not have a front ensemble this fall. This is so that we can be flexible for any and all performance scenarios for the Big Purple. The percussion section will include snare drums, tenors, bass drums, and cymbals, and our auditions are to allow us to place everyone in a spot where they can make the best contributions to the section and the band. Although we don’t have cymbal music posted for the auditions, we’ll be happy to work with those of you who weren’t planning to audition on snare, tenors, or bass drum. We’ll talk through that during your individual audition time.

2. We will not meet as a group before drumline auditions this year. Instead, I will hear auditions individually in the band hall. In order to both stay on schedule and maintain a safe environment, it is important to follow the following procedure carefully.

  • Please arrive at the Williams Performing Arts Center (WPAC) no more than 10 minutes before your assigned time. Remember masks must be worn at all times inside campus buildings.
  • We will have tenors, a bass drum, and a snare drum set up outside for you to warm up on for a few minutes. These will be just outside the south door to the WPAC. (One person at a time will warm up.)
  • At your assigned time, please come to the band hall for your audition. Here’s what to play:
    • Bass Drum: Big Purple Warmup, meas. 25-41 (pick any one drum)
    • Tenors: Big Purple Warmup, meas. 33-50 (skip 1st ending/m. 49, take the 2nd ending)
    • Snare Drum: Big Purple Warmup, meas. 33-50 (skip 1st ending/m. 49, take the 2nd ending)
    • Cymbals: I’ll ask you to demonstrate some basic crash techniques for fun.

I can’t overstate how incredibly excited I am I am for the opportunity to see you all and to make music again! Even though some things will be different than they have been in the past, our highest priority is still to find a place to get each one of you plugged in to an incredible organization — the ACU Big Purple — and to have a blast playing some great music together.

Please contact me at or at 325-665-1478 if I can help with anything.

Dr. Teel

Snares – Big Purple Warmup

Tenors – Big Purple Warmup

Bass Drums – Big Purple Warmup

Pit/Keyboard – Big Purple Warmup