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Bill Reese Memorial Instrumental Scholarship

This scholarship originated in 1988 at the suggestion of Philip Gabbard in memory of Bill Reese for Instrumental music majors and non-majors. Bill Reese was a graduate of Abilene Christian University in 1967, drum major and trombone player for the Big Purple Band all four of his college years. Marine 2nd Lt. William Robert Reese was killed in action in the Vietnam War on February 14, 1968.

The first scholarship award was given from the earnings of this endowment in 1992. This scholarship has become a prestigious award given to a student for their contribution to the Big Purple Band. The students are chosen in the spring (announced at the Band Banquet in May) for the following school year. The Director of Bands, Associate Director and staff make the selection based on leadership, academic achievement and servant characteristics.

2018-2019             Alli Mae Bulkley
2017-2018             Meghan Starteri
2016-2017             James Loera
2015-2016             Grayson Hancock
2014-2015             Andrew Penney
2013-2014             Daniel Archer
2012-2013             Courtney McGaha
2009-2010            Jaylynn Phillips
2008-2009            Paul Arrington, Alex Ferguson, Evan Woods
2007-2008            Leah Walter
2006-2007            Sam Selby
2005-2006            Lesiree Guerrero
2004-2005            Chris Brannan
2003-2004            Bradley Hardin, Andrew Straight
2002-2003            James Sumners, April Yarbrough
2001-2002            Jacob Faske, Karen Phipps
2000-2001            Kevin Broome, Amber McDonald
1999-2000            Kevin Broome
1998-1999            Marcus Carroll
1997-1998            Kevin Whitelaw
1996-1997            Brian Nuckels
1995-1996            Chris Carroll
1994-1995            Russell Willerton
1993-1994            Joe Hooten
1992-1993            Joe Hooten, Kelly Neill