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Word Order with Cases

Der Mann

Das Kind

Die Frau

Die Leute

bringt/bringen dem Jungen

dem Mädchen

der Schwester

den Kindern

den Mantel

das Hemd

die Jacke

die Kleider

When the accusative and dative are both nouns, place the dative before the accusative.

When the accusative and dative are both pronouns, place the accusative before the dative. Remember it this way: Two-year-olds think they are the center of the universe. (Adults, of course, never think that way.) Two-year-olds will say,
“Gib es mir!” It may be selfish, but it is the right word order.

When one case (accusative or genitive) is a noun and one is a pronoun, in the main clause of a declarative sentence, the pronoun always goes next to the second position (the conjugated verb’s place).

Der Mann bringt ihn (the coat) dem Jungen.
Das Kind bringt ihm (the girl) das Hemd.
Den Apfel bringt sie (the wicked queen) ihm (Schneewittchen).
Schneewittchen (dat.) bringt sie den Apfel.