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OMA video projects bring misunderstood diversity issues to light


OMA video project
Erica Robbins in Broken Views of Unbroken People

Photo by Christi Lim

Christi Lim, president of the International Students’ Association, hoped to challenge misconceptions about cultural differences when she launched an online photography project called “Broken Views of Unbroken People.”
The idea was conceived after Lim, a senior graphic design/advertising major from Malaysia, sat in a meeting where someone said all of ACU’s multicultural student organizations were “basically the same.”
She set out to show how each culture – and each individual – is unique.
“I was taking a photography class and happened to be experimenting with portrait photography. I decided the best way to really put this in everyone’s line of sight was visually,” she said.
Lim and fellow photographer Jesse Anyaegbu, a junior interior design major from Nigeria, captured the stories of more than two dozen students for the Office of Multicultural Affairs Facebook page. Each story highlights a student sharing a “broken view” or misconception, represented in the photos by broken glass, alongside a story of who they really are.
“This project serves to provide a reminder that we are all unique, even beyond our culture, labels and status,” Lim said.