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Professor of Old Testament pens book of meditations

Mark Hamilton

Dr. Mark Hamilton (’89), professor of Old Testament at ACU’s Graduate School of Theology, published Meditations for the Lone Traveler: The Life of Faith in a Changing World (2017). These 22 meditations on the songs, prayers and stories of the Bible invite readers to imagine themselves as part of a world in which human beings may fully live into their sufferings and joys as part of a vibrant life while still critically searching faith in God. Here we see prophets and poets, as well as ordinary men and women, embrace the realities of life without apology or fear.

Each meditation opens with Hamilton’s fresh translation of the biblical text and concludes with a prayer that seeks the critical edge of faith as an active stance toward human existence. The movement from text to commentary to prayer reflects a basic conviction that the encounter with the Bible allows persons of many cultures, whether believers or unbelievers, to engage the deepest layers of human existence today.

Mark Hamilton's Meditations for the Lone Traveler book coverThese reflections come out of Hamilton’s search across cultures to find a common humanity before God. Since the Bible is a non-Western book in its origins and much of its present life, interpretation of that book can both confront the particularities of Western Christianity with its own limitations and offer sources of renewal for communal and individual spirituality. These reflections aim to contribute to that larger end.

Hamilton is also the author and editor of eight other books, including The Body Royal (2005), The Transforming Word (2009) and Instruction Shall Go Forth: Studies in Micah and Isaiah (2014).