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Aquino co-edits handbook on the epistemology of theology

Fred Aquino speakingDr. Frederick Aquino (’89), professor of theology in ACU’s Graduate School of Theology, with Dr. William Abraham of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, published The Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Dr. Frederick Aquino's book cover on The Oxford Handbook of EpistemologyThis volume brings together leading scholars in the fields of theology and epistemology to examine and articulate what can be categorized as appropriate epistemic evaluation in theology. 

Part one focuses on some of the epistemic concepts that have been traditionally employed in theology, such as knowledge of God, revelation and scripture, reason and faith, experience and tradition. This section also considers concepts that have not received sufficient epistemological attention in theology, such as saints, authority, ecclesial practices, spiritual formation and discernment.

Part two concentrates on concepts that have received significant attention in contemporary epistemology and can be related to theology, such as understanding, wisdom, testimony, virtue, evidence, foundationalism, realism/antirealism, scepticism and disagreement.

Part three offers examples from key figures in the Christian tradition and investigates the relevant epistemological issues and insights in these writers, as well as recognizing the challenges of connecting insights from contemporary epistemology with the subject of theology proper, namely, God.

Part four centers on five emerging areas that warrant further epistemological consideration: liberation theology, continental philosophy, modern orthodox writers, feminism and Pentecostalism.

This handbook fulfills the need for the development of a new conversation that will take its natural place in the intersection of theology and epistemology. It links the fields of theology and epistemology in robust, meaningful and significant ways.