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What Makes ACU Online Different from the Rest?

When searching for an online graduate program, you likely have must-haves and nice-to-haves, needs and wants. No matter what your deciding factors may be, though, it’s a decision that takes careful consideration. We know you have many choices when it comes to online courses, and we’re happy your search brought you here to ACU Online. We’d like to share with you some aspects of our graduate programs that show you how ACU may be different from the rest.

Our Programs Fit Your Goals

If you’re seeking career advancement—or to serve a higher purpose within your business or organization—a graduate degree or certificate can help you reach your goals. But it can’t be just any credential. If you’re investing in higher education (and yourself), you want to choose a degree program that matches your passion and calling. Even more importantly, you want a program that will prepare you well for success in the field.

ACU Online offers a broad selection of specialized master’s, doctorate, and graduate certificate programs spanning fields from education and healthcare to business and theology. You’ll likely find an ACU Online program that meets your personal and professional aspirations, whether you’re looking to lead a university, help people resolve conflicts, serve others across the globe, or take a business to the next level. Our variety of choices makes us different.

Our Programs Fit Your Schedule

If you’ve found a school that has the program you’re looking for, you must next determine if the schedule works. Chances are, if you’re looking for an online degree program, you already have a lot on your plate. Work. A family. Community involvement. ACU Online was designed with you in mind. We understand you’re most likely furthering your education while holding down other noble commitments.

Our online graduate programs vary in length, usually about 18 months to two years. Your coursework is split into smaller terms of seven weeks, where you’ll focus on one class at a time. Course by course, week by week, you’re working toward your degree on your terms.

Our Programs Fit Your Faith

If you’re looking for a flexible education that also shares the Christian values you’d hope to find as you gain knowledge, you should know ACU Online embodies our institution’s mission. Our online programs are not only an extension of our rigorous academics, but also our entire faith-based campus community. Whether on campus or online, our curriculum and Christian-scholar faculty members prepare our students for service and leadership in their chosen field. When it comes to online education, we find that our approach makes ACU different from the rest.

We hope that as you continue your search for an online graduate or online doctoral program, our differences stand out. Innovative programs that meet today’s marketplace demands. Rigorous academics, with classes designed to work around your schedule. And, perhaps the distinction of which we’re most proud: a nationally recognized Christian university. Now you do not have to come to Abilene to learn and grow with us. With the convenience and flexibility of our online programs, you can be a part of ACU from anywhere.

If you want to learn more or see if ACU Online is right for you, reach us here.