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Helping Families: Master’s of Marriage and Family Therapy

ACU’s online Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MMFT) degree prepares you for a career that serves individuals, couples, and families. When you complete the MMFT program, you’ll have learned to provide your clients with guidance and pathways to healing—all through the lens of the tenets of Christian living.

Who Should Consider the Master of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy Program?

The online degree at ACU is designed for those who plan to specialize in counseling families. If you have a calling to serve those in crisis, no matter what you majored in for your bachelor’s degree, consider our family therapy program.
You may find a career in:

  • Community mental health agencies
  • Child and family service agencies
  • Church ministries
  • Institutional settings
  • Private practices

The M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy offers the opportunity to gain eligibility for membership in the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. State licensure requirements and preparation for state examinations are also elements of the online degree program at ACU.

What Are the Benefits of ACU’s MMFT Program?

The online Marriage and Family Therapy program at ACU is based not only on expert clinical knowledge and the latest intervention techniques, but also on a Christian foundation wherein faculty, students, mentors, and staff are committed to a Christian value system. This Christian perspective is a vital component in helping individuals and families in crisis or those facing challenges in their family dynamic.

You’ll study human nature and the causes of interpersonal or intrapersonal problems from this Christian viewpoint. Through the abounding miracle of God’s love, your work will facilitate healthy communication, healing, and active actionable steps towards change. ACU’s program is dynamic and effective in teaching you to offer families a beacon of hope and healing through life’s storms.

A Closer Look at the Abilene Christian University MMFT Program

  • The online program gives you flexibility; ACU’s culture of caring gives you support
  • The master’s degree can be completed in 30 months
  • The degree plan requires 60 hours of coursework plus at least 500 hours of direct clinical experience and 100 hours of approved supervision in counseling
  • You will have a variety of options in selecting your internship site
    Departmental faculty provide supervision through video and case presentations

Specializations in the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Degree

All those enrolled in the MMFT program at ACU will learn the foundational theories and techniques of family therapy plus a specialization: either general marriage and family therapy or medical family therapy. MMFT candidates earn 12 credit hours in the specialty they choose.

You will take courses based on chosen concentration that include the following:

  • Family therapy across the life cycle
  • Child and adolescent therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Attachment processes
  • Illness, disability, death, and dying
  • Treatment of trauma
  • Dynamics and therapy of military families

You will learn to lead effectively and efficiently through using management strategies based on Christian love that inspires excellence.


The MMFT program at Abilene Christian University includes courses and training such as:

  • Family theory. Learn the dynamics and needs of families from a psychological and sociological perspective. You will study the family life cycle and learn research methods in family counseling.
    Therapy strategies and techniques. Study specific needs and strategies
    in couples therapy so you can address a myriad of issues that affect family dynamics. You will become adept at diagnosing family issues and utilizing appropriate assessment tools.
  • Special training. Gain specialized knowledge and skills, such as ways that cultural diversity within marriage and families impacts communication dynamic, how to stay abreast of ethical and legal issues affecting therapists, and what kinds of addictive disorders disrupt family systems.
  • Internships. Begin working in family therapy under the supervision of family counselors and faculty at ACU. You will select locations in your own community. Choose mentors and professionals whom you respect and whose views align with a Christian worldview.

What’s Next?

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