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On the Cutting-Edge of Success: ACU Master of Science in Organizational Development

The online Master of Science in Organizational Development program at ACU provides the knowledge necessary to create and maintain systems that are productive and effective in organizations and the practical skills for implementation. Our degree ensures our graduates learn how to meet the needs of public and private organizations, enabling them to successfully build cutting-edge and sustainable entities.

What Are the Benefits of the MSOD Program?

ACU’s online program offers an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the needs of leaders both today and tomorrow. We believe that emotional intelligence complements successful management strategies. Our program aligns the appropriate leadership style that will best fit you, empowering you to excel upon graduation.
You will learn:

  •       Strategies in human resource functions, internet technology applications, production, finance, and supply chain          management.
  •       The importance of managing ethically and treating employees as valued assets.
  •       The efficiencies in organizational design and operation to maximize profit.
  •       The value of customer service and the why it key to any successful business.

What Will I Learn?

Combining the most recent research with proven strategies, ACU instructors will guide you in obtaining skills to achieve your professional goals. Coursework centers on various areas of business management integrating them to offer you expertise in every facet of an organization.  

An ACU degree incorporates the latest ideas to best equip graduates with the knowledge and practical experience to build, lead, and manage organizations toward success.
Coursework includes:

  •       Communication / Intercultural Communication
  •       Customer service and management
  •       Finance
  •       Human Resources Management
  •       Information Technology (IT)
  •       Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  •       Negotiation and Mediation
  •       Operations
  •       Organizational Behavior
  •       Persuasion and Social Change
  •       Policy and Strategy

Conflict Resolution Certification

We recognize that a significant part of building a successful organization involves managing people and the conflicts that inevitably occur. As a result, our program offers an optional certificate in Conflict Resolution for further specialization. Upon completion of this certification, you will possess unmatched conflict resolution skills, making you a more valued resource in any organization.

Program Structure

Through this 36-hour online program, you will receive access to a comprehensive curriculum. Our online Master of Science (MS) degree in Organizational Development (OD) is administered through the Department of Communication and Sociology at ACU to ensure a well-rounded curriculum that speaks to the organization as a whole.

What Is Unique About This Online Degree in Organizational Development?

Our program shall:

  •       Provide you with an advanced degree option fortified with knowledge that is easily transferable to real-world scenarios.
  •       Create a focused and flexible plan of study for leaders of any organization.
  •       Enables you to manage the varying needs of individuals and groups.
  •       Highlights cultural studies equipping you to emerge as a leader within a global economy.

Who Is This Program For?

Our online degree program will prepare leaders as:

  •       Corporate level executives
  •       General managers, department heads, and trainer
  •       Non-profit organization professionals
  •       Human resource executives
  •       Government administrators
  •       Medical and Health professionals
  •       Other professionals

Why ACU?

ACU’s faith-based environment encourages you to develop skills in creating and sustaining ethical organizations. We strongly believe our spiritual approach will foster leadership that demonstrates the highest standards in business.

Organizational social responsibility and its sustainability and contribution to society’s well-being represents a key component of your education. Students who choose to enroll in the online Master of Science program in Organizational Development at Abilene Christian University will treasure its inclusive approach to leadership development.

This degree with specialization opportunities will cultivate a professional who can develop a competitive, efficient, and effective organization and enable you to lead with ethical Christ-like values.

What’s Next?

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