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Leadership Meets Innovation: ACU’s Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management program at ACU provides prospective leaders the needed tools to excel at business in today’s competitive atmosphere.  Whether you are looking to enter into the field of management for the first time, or simply want to build upon your undergraduate degree, the skills gained through this online program are a winning combination!

You will learn about all facets of business marketing, finance, operations, regulatory policy, information technology, human resources, and customer service. Equally important, our Christian faith guides our teaching so that moral considerations remain at the core of our instruction.  As a result, our program teaches you how to lead organizations effectively and ethically.

Why Should I Enroll at ACU?

Our Master of Science in Management program expertly prepares anyone seeking success in business, whether you:

  • Wish to launch your career but need a higher degree than you currently possess.
  • Have been in the workforce for years and are looking for a promotion within your organization or advancement with another company.
  • Deliberate a career shift and want a management foundation to improve your marketability and job prospects.
  • Are a recent liberal arts undergraduate who’s considering a more career-oriented graduate education or a professional seeking to supplement extensive work experience with the latest innovative strategies.
  • Thrive in an encouraging environment that assists you in developing and sustaining ethical organizations.  ACU strongly believes in a spiritual approach fostering leadership that demonstrates the highest standards.
  • Appreciate an inclusive approach, centered in a faith-based environment with superior educational resources.  ACU produces graduates who can lead a competitive, efficient, and effective business with respect for God’s principles.
  • Wish to be introduced to revolutionary business innovations, such as big data, real-time intelligence systems, clean manufacturing, and sustainability.
  • Desire faculty versed in proven strategies and the latest techniques that promote success.

What Skills Will I Learn?

You will learn how to effectively and ethically lead businesses and organizations of all sizes.  Our program will enable you to:

  • Identify market opportunities and capitalize on them.
  • Recognize potential difficulties and implement solutions.
  • Provide consummate service to customers.
  • Communicate cooperatively and effectively with management, colleagues, and employees.
  • Mediate conflicts within your organization and resolve misunderstandings with clients.
  • Conduct yourself ethically within a business environment, applying practices that reflect Christian values.

What Courses Might I Take?

We offer opportunities to concentrate in specific business topics, resulting in a curriculum tailored to your career goals.  Consider the following:

Business Analytics

  • Data represents the key to optimal business decisions in today’s fast-paced marketplace.
  • The ability to accurately and promptly analyze data remains a critical skill in any business field.
  • Business analytics will teach students entering in or participating within a wide range of industries and service organizations the ability to utilize data and metrics in analyzing information and make critical decisions efficiently.

Information Technology

  • The specialization in information technology leadership will enable graduates to meet the requirements of the growing field of IT and lead ethical, efficient IT departments in a variety of genres.
  • Today’s leaders must know the principal standards by which to measure IT systems which best fit their company.
  • This concentration emphasizes an understanding of how organizations build, optimize, and maintain technology.


  • The evolution of products and services, from inception to customer use, remains the foundation and model for growth of any organization.
  • Successful managers must understand how a product is developed, priced, distributed, and promoted.
  • Accumulation of data has changed the field of marketing.  New strategies and evolving data-mining techniques will be learned in this concentration.

Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Businesses require an uninterrupted flow of materials, accurate inventory control, and a steady distribution network of finished products in order to succeed.
  • This concentration explores strategies that optimize the movement from point of origin to point of consumption ensuring overall productivity through insights provided by big data.

Health Care Administration

  • The ever-growing aging population, technological advances, and complex regulatory systems have created a critical need for well-trained health care administrators.
  • This concentration outlines the budgetary, accounting, legal, and ethical challenges specific to the medical field and the strategies and practices to best address them.

International Business

  • Globalization has changed the world of business in virtually every sector.
  • This concentration surveys the impact of globalization on the sale, investment, logistics, and transportation of goods and services.

Want to learn about ACU’s online Master of Science in Management program? Visit our program page or call 855-219-7300 to find out more.