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Prepared to Serve God: The Master of Divinity Program at ACU

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) program at ACU explores the full spectrum of ministry.  With both a mission and ministry track to choose from, you will be equipped to delve into your calling. Further, you will find support  to gain vocational clarity and focus through faculty-led discernment mentoring.

We provide specialized training for present and future spiritual leaders, preparing them to engage with the community of their calling. If you are seeking a quality education that will guide you to better serve God and minister to people locally and throughout the world, we invite you to explore and enroll in our Divinity degree program.

What Courses Might I Take in the Master of Divinity Program?

Through our M.Div. coursework you will gain knowledge to fully share God’s message of hope and love, within your own community and globally.  Our coursework includes:

  • Contexts of Ministry
  • Practice of Ministerial Leadership
  • Old and New Testament Interpretation
  • Greek and Hebrew
  • The History of Christianity

A closer look at three essential features found within this program:

  • Mentorship: Continual support is provided through weekly faculty-led mentoring to aid in vocational discernment. Fellow students also hold weekly open forums, lending support to one another.  
  • In-depth study of God’s Word: By delving deeply into Biblical, historical and theological study, you will expand your knowledge, deepen your wisdom, and further strengthen your love for humanity, which will in turn fuel the passion of spiritual leadership.  Fostering, growing and cementing a love for exploring the Bible is a key cornerstone within the Master of Divinity program at ACU.  
  • Contextual Tracks: You will select one of four tracks that ensure an exceptional learning experience that will contribute to your spiritual growth:
    • Congregational nurture and transformation
    • Community development and justice
    • Global and emerging church forms
    • Chaplaincy (health care and restorative justice)

What Skills Will I Learn in the Master of Divinity Program?

You will acquire practical skills that are essential in your future role within traditional and emerging Christian ministries. Through various exercises you will:

  • Learn to effect positive change within an increasingly secular world
  • Enhance your creative problem-solving abilities  
  • Improve your public speaking and outreach skills
  • Discover a variety of ministry opportunities that are in-line with your calling

Scripture Study

Effective ministry relies on a solid foundation in the Word.  Scripture study is foundational to ACU’s M.Div. program. You will explore:

  • The context behind passages and gain the ability to communicate the Message
  • Greek and Hebrew language study
  • Scripture meaning and application in your daily life
  • How Scripture can aid you in your spiritual journey and the journey of those whom you will serve

History of Christianity

You will also study the history of Christianity, extending from the early to the modern church.  This knowledge will:

  • Offer examples from which you can draw inspiration.
  • Empower you to become an agent of change, by providing context for present-day challenges and to identify future growth opportunities.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of God’s enduring love.

Where Will I Serve?

Our students have proudly served in foreign countries including:

  • Tanzania
  • Burkina Faso
  • Togo
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • China

You may also consider ministry in the USA and throughout the world:

  • Congregational settings
  • Hospitals
  • Social justice and nonprofit organizations
  • School settings
  • Parachurch organizations  

Master of Divinity Program Design

ACU’s Master of Divinity program is a non-thesis formational degree, which is accredited through the Association for Theological Schools. This degree requires students to select a contextual track and complete 72 credit hours. You can earn your degree in as little as 36 months, and your education will include faculty mentorship, as well as, interaction with fellow classmates.  

If you are interested in furthering your study the M.Div. program is an excellent launching point to continue on to Ph.D., Th.D., and D.Min. programs. Even more importantly, you will apply everyday ministry skills learned in the classroom within futures roles in the ministry. Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, our program will equip you to follow your unique calling and serve God’s will.

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