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Parents of freshmen react with humor, tears

Whether you’re sending your first child off to college – or your sixth, drop-off day is a bittersweet experience. We’ve gathered a collection of thoughts of Wildcat parents whose students will join the ACU family next week. We’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

Kaman and Regina (Price ’91) Turner
Kaman and Regina (Price ’91) Turner
By Regina Turner
Here we are, sending our baby of three off to college. Our first Wildcat! True to most days of motherhood, my emotions are all over the board. Excited and sad are battling in my heart, and I am managing the fight by escaping into hours of together time in 100-plus degree weather hunting Pokémon. Judge if you want, but I am soaking in every moment I get with this kind-hearted, strong young man who has been a bit sassy lately.
It has been like this with every one of my kids! In the months leading up to their departure for college, they seem to be easily irritated. I am guessing it is like this in most homes. I tell myself it is God’s way of making it easier to say “goodbye” – for both of us.
Instead of tissues on Tuesday, I’m bringing my phone. Why don’t you join me on campus? I hear the Pokémon hunting is great! Why let an opportunity to embarrass your freshman go by? (In case you don’t want to ask your sassy freshman how to catch the critters, use your finger to swipe up on the ball and smack the critter in the head. They can break out once you catch them, so be patient.)
And don’t worry about that extra attitude! Just tell them you will miss them too and then make them clean the bathroom because after next Tuesday, the house chores are yours!
Lex Ann (Wilburn ’90) Hood and Hayden
Lex Ann (Wilburn ’90) Hood and Hayden
By Lex Ann Hood
Hayden moves into the dorm a week from Tuesday. I’m excited and teary all at the same time. While shopping at Target today for XL dorm sheets, a gel mattress topper and a microwave (boys are so low maintenance), I couldn’t help but think, “Have I told him all I need to tell him? What if I’ve left out something really important?” Then it hit me … God’s got this, and God has Hayden in the palm of His hand. Have a blast at ACU, Hayden! Always stay humble and kind💜. I love you and am so proud of who you are!
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