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Five organ donors respond to Alvarez' need

Abel Alvarez 600x600 96In his spare time, Abel Alvarez (’82) is a mobile-learning consultant who knows well the power of social media. But the minister in McAllen, Texas, is still amazed at the quick response by the Abilene Christian University community to his critical search for a kidney donor.
A mid-day post March 2 on the ACU Today blog described his urgent need to find someone who also shared his O negative blood type – the rarest of all. By that evening he had been contacted by two willing donors, and now has five from across Texas. One is an alumnus and two have ACU students in their household or extended family.
“I can’t thank everyone enough for this quick and generous response,” Alvarez said. “You may have saved my life.”
Alvarez has begun making arrangements with Methodist Speciality and Transplant Hospital in San Antonio for the procedure, which includes medical tests for him and donor prospects to ensure a best-fit match.
He has lived for 29 years with the donated kidney of a sibling, but the organ recently failed. Alvarez is not a good candidate for longterm dialysis treatments, so his future depends on another transplant. page about the ACU trustee has been created so friends can help with the $75,000 tab not covered by Alvarez’ health insurance.
“I would not be alive today without the support years ago of the ACU community when I first needed a transplant. I hope God is not through with me yet, and am praying there are friends in the university network who will once again step up to help.” Alvarez said. “I sincerely appreciate the love, prayers and assistance being offered on my behalf.”