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Abilene A to Z books to help needy children

Abilene A to Z 5x4 96
ISBN 9780891123965
A new children’s publication from Abilene Christian University Press is designed to acquaint youngsters with Abilene history and culture, and for a limited time, you can contribute to help put books in the hands of several hundred local kids from low-income families.
Abilene A to Z is co-authored by Glenn Dromgoole and Jay Moore (’94), two local writers who may know Abilene better than just about anyone today.
Dromgoole is a former editor of the Abilene Reporter-News who is co-owner with his wife, Carol, of the downtown Texas Star Trading Co. book and gift store at 174 Cypress St. He is founder of the West Texas Book Festival and the author of more than 20 books. In 2013, he was named Abilene Outstanding Citizen of the Year.
Moore is a native Abilenian who teaches history at Abilene High School. He is the author of Abilene History in Plain Sight and producer of a similarly named popular series of videos about local history. He was named Outstanding Teacher of the Humanities for the State of Texas in 2013.
Through partnership with local service providers, ACU Press is working to distribute Abilene A to Z to low-income families and kids in our area. The 64-page softcover book sells for $12.99.
“Through our Texas books, ACU Press celebrates and supports our local community. Abilene A to Z is a special to us because it allows us to promote our city to its youngest readers,” says Jason Fikes, director of ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers. “When the idea came to make Abilene A to Z available to low-income families, I knew – others would want to join us in promoting literacy across the area.”
For information about contributing to the program, call ACU Press toll free at 877-816-4455.
ACU Press and Leafwood Publishers are imprints of Abilene Christian University.