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ScreamFree Parenting gets viral video shoutout

A viral video created by an infant formula maker shows just how mainstream ACU alumnus Hal Runkel’s ScreamFree Parenting brand has become.
Runkel (’00 M.M.F.T.) is founder and president of The ScreamFree Institute. His 2007 best-seller ScreamFree Parenting launched his reputation as an expert in helping families face conflict and create healthy relationships.

Hal Runkel ('00) is author of ScreamFree Parenting
Hal Runkel (’00) is author of ScreamFree Parenting
“Years ago, my wife, Jenny Faulk (’96) Runkel, and I dreamed that our little idea, ScreamFree Parenting, would become a part of the common parenting conversation,” he shared recently on his Facebook page. “We found that the word itself acted as a reminder device to just pause instead of react. Well, our inclusion in the video may not be exactly what we envisioned, but we’ll take it.”
The video, Runkel says, is “funny as heck, and it’s a great commentary on the exhaustion mothers can feel as they try to fight to find, and then defend, their own parenting style. And yes, they mention ScreamFree. By screaming.”
Even if people miss the mention of ScreamFree parenting, Runkel writes, “they will be touched by the end of the video, and reminded of the common cause of parenting that unites us all.”
Runkel, a 2000 graduate of ACU’s Master of Marriage and Family Therapy program and a 2012 recipient of ACU’s Distinguished Alumni Citation, is author of ScreamFree Marriage and The Self-Centered Marriage. He also earned an M.S. degree in biblical and related studies in 1998 from ACU. He is a licensed therapist, relationship coach, international speaker and organizational consultant who has been featured on more than 1,000 media outlets, including NBC’s Today show, Redbook and Good Housekeeping. He currently serves on the Visiting Committee for ACU’s graduate program in conflict resolution.