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Share Your #ACULoveStory

Larry and Gloria Bradshaw
A Chapel seating assignment brought Gloria and Larry Bradshaw together.
Abilene Christian University students leave campus with more than a diploma: they leave with lifelong relationships – from roommates who became best friends and professors who became mentors to boyfriends and girlfriends who became spouses. This month, in honor of Valentine’s Day, ACU is celebrating those marriages whose roots are planted on the Hill.
Kari's news broadcast on radio covered Lyle's football exploits for the Wildcats.
Kari Dorsey’s radio news broadcasts covered Lyle Leong’s football exploits for the Wildcats.
If you met your future spouse on campus – whether at the Bean, on the intramural field, in the Optimist office, during class, before Chapel or at any of hundreds of other spots – we’re offering you the opportunity to share your story this month. Grab that old photo album (or CD, or flash drive) and post a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a sentence or two about how you met. Add the hashtag #ACULoveStory, and help us celebrate the relationships begun and nurtured at ACU!
Here are some examples of what an #ACULoveStory looks like:
Dr. Larry (’65) and Gloria (Bradshaw ’65) Bradshaw
“We sat together in Chapel because of our same last names. One evening, Larry was standing on the porch of Mabee Hall, and I walked by with some friends and introduced myself. Two weeks later, he called me at McKinzie Hall for a church date. The romance blossomed, and two years later we were married.” – Gloria Bradshaw
Lyle (’86) and Kari (Dorsey ’84) Leong
“I played football, and Kari was ‘the voice of KACU Radio.’ I tried to talk her into making a big deal on the air about what a big football star I was. Kari never messed up on the air, but the next time she spoke about the team, she got tongue-twisted and flubbed it up in a major way. I felt so bad about it that I asked her on a date.” – Lyle Leong
Since we first issued the invitation last week, we’ve received many terrific – and touching – responses. Among them:
Carol McCarely Snuffer
Carol (McCarley ’88) and Mike (’88) Snuffer: “My parents attended ACC and I met my husband of 26 years in the KACU radio booth and we graduated 1988. Married since 4/8/89 and the proud parents of 5 wonderful kids! #ACULoveStory”
Carolyn (Kelley '58) and David Mickey ('58), Homecoming 1956.
Carolyn (Kelley ’58) and David Mickey (’58) at Homecoming 1956.
Katie Stepp Cunningham
Tony (’07) and Katie (Stepp ’04) Cunningham: “Tony played football for ACU and I never missed a game! Met 2003 … Graduated 2004 … Married 2006 and have 4 children! #aculovestory’
Maria del Pinal Saab Ethnos
Maher (’07) and Maria (del Pinal ’07) Saab: “My husband and I met our sophomore year at ACU during one of the practices for the upcoming Ethnos shows. We remained friends through the rest of our college days and soon started dating not long after graduation. A year after that we were married and have been living happily ever after ever since! #ACUlovestory”
If you’re not on social media, but want to share your #ACULoveStory with us, email We’ll be on the lookout for the best photos and stories to share, and some will be published in a future issue of ACU Today magazine.