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Oglesby named ACU's top teacher for 2014

ARobert Oglesby 2014 500x600bilene Christian University’s top teacher for 2014 is Robert Oglesby Jr. (’81), instructor of Bible, missions and ministry, and director of ACU’s Center for Youth and Family Ministry. He was presented the Teacher of the Year award at May Commencement in Moody Coliseum. The annual honor is based on nominations from graduating seniors.
Oglesby also works part time with the Southern Hills Church of Christ as a family minister in its youth and family ministry program. He earned a M.A. degree in marriage and family studies from ACU (1992) and has worked as a youth minister in Temple, Texas and Abilene.
J.W. Treat (1976 and 1963), Dr. John Willis (2006 and 1974), Dr. Perry Reeves (1998 and 1988), Dr. LeMoine Lewis (1977 and 1956) and Dr. Jim Nichols (1989 and 1977) are the only two-time recipients of the teaching award, which was first presented in 1953. Treat taught foreign languages at ACU, Lewis taught Bible, Reeves teaches chemistry and Nichols teaches biology. Willis just completed his 42nd year on the faculty of the College of Biblical Studies.
Previous winners:

Joyce Haley, journalism and mass communication (2013); Andrew Little, J.D., management sciences (2012); Randy Harris, Bible, missions and ministry (2011); Dr. Tracy Shilcutt, history (2010); Dr. Jonathan Stewart, accounting and finance (2009); Dr. Richard Beck, English (2008); Adam Hester, theatre (2007); Dr. John T. Willis, Bible, missions and ministry (2006); Dr. David Wray, Bible, missions and ministry (2005); Dr. Steven Moore, English (2004); Dr. Paul  Morris, physics (2003); Dr. William “Bill” Rankin, English (2002); Charles Trevathan, J.D., sociology (2001); and Michael Winegeart, management sciences (2000).
Dr. Charles Mattis, biology (1999), Dr. Perry Reeves, chemistry (1998), Dr. Jim Nichols, biology (1997), Dr. Stephen Weathers, English (1996); Dr. John Little, biology (1995); Dr. Chris Willerton, English (1994); Dr. Rick Lytle, management sciences (1993); Dr. Don C. Jackson (1992), management sciences, Dr. Mel Hailey, political science (1991); and Dr. Monty Lynn, management sciences (1990).
Dr. Jim Nichols, biology (1989); Dr. Perry Reeves, chemistry (1988); Dr. Charlie Marler, journalism and mass communication (1987); Jozell Brister, business administration (1986); Elizabeth Campbell Rotenberry, exercise science and health (1985); Benny Gallaway, history (1984); Dr. Herschel Avinger, education (1983); Dr. Paul Faulkner, marriage and family (1982); S.E. “Sam” McReynolds, mathematics (1981); and Dr. Bea Speck, history (1980).
Dr. F.M. Churchill, agriculture (1979), Dr. Neil Lightfoot, Bible (1978), Dr. LeMoine Lewis, Bible (1977), Dr. J.W. Treat, foreign languages (1976); Dr. Rex Kyker, communication (1975); Dr. John Willis, Bible (1974); Dr. B.E. Davis, journalism and mass communication (1973); Dr. Overton Faubus, business administration (1972), Dr. Juanita Avinger, education (1971); and Dr. Carl Brecheen, Bible (1970).
Dr. Clark Stevens, biology (1969); Dr. Tommy McCord, chemistry (1968); Dr. Abe Malherbe, Bible (1967); Dr. Ed Brown, communication (1966); Troy Caraway, art (1965); Dr. Zelma Odle, English (1964); Dr. J.W. Treat, foreign languages (1963); Dr. James Culp, English (1962); Dr. Keith Justice, agriculture (1961); and Norman Whitefield, art (1960).
W.C. Sikes, mathematics (1959); Dr. Frank Pack, Bible (1958); Dr. Orval Filbeck, education (1957); Dr. LeMoine Lewis, Bible (1956); Dr. Paul Witt, chemistry (1955); J. Roy Willingham, M.D., biology (1954); and Penn Gilbreth, education (1953).