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Cox cited for community catalyst work

Reg Cox (’84), minister of the Lakewood (Colo.) Church of Christ, has come a long way since earning his psychology degree. He has served as an admissions counselor at Abilene Christian University, a campus minister in south Florida, then back to ACU for nearly 17 years in various Student Life leadership roles at his alma mater.
More recently he’s made a name for himself as a “community catalyst,” as he likes to describe his role. The 57-year-old church leader recently told the Denver Post that he relishes the mission he’s taken on: to bring leaders of various churches in the Lakewood community together so challenges can be tackled en masse, such as a struggling elementary school the group has helped turn around the past two years. The leadership Cox has provided has helped reverse declining enrollment and low achievement test scores, and raise nearly half a million dollars to build new sports fields to keep kids interested in school and out of trouble.
“I’m really kind of the connector,” Cox says. “I’m not necessarily making it all happen. I’m just connecting people who have opportunities, resources, influence and knowledge.”
Listen as Cox shares advice for fellow ministers and offers creative suggestions for making a difference right where they live while opening doors to share the Gospel with others through unconventional means.