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Board report looks at identity, mission, future

_B3F0158.CR2An historic document is included in the new Fall-Winter 2013 issue of ACU Today magazine.
“For Such a Time As This: The Identity, Mission and Future of Abilene Christian University” is a presentation of a Board of Trustees special report you should make time to read.
The board articulated “what it means for ACU to be a Christ-centered institution of higher education within the Christian heritage of the Stone-Campbell faith tradition, particularly as expressed in Churches of Christ. We strongly affirm the finest values of that heritage and will pursue a Christ-centered focus using the inspired Word of God to guide our decisions as an institution. Rooted in these values, ACU will pursue sound and innovative educational principles so our students will be fully prepared to live lives of Christian service and leadership. This document aims to be comprehensive enough to provide guidance in meeting the challenges and opportunities of the future, yet brief enough to be used readily in various deliberations throughout the university.”
Download a PDF of this report (contains the 16-page layout from ACU Today)
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