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Lady CRU contest seeks difference-makers

Darbie AngellDarbie Angell (’03), founder of CRU Dinnerware, is the epitome of a woman using her talents to make a real difference in the world.
The Georgetown native, whose passion for art was kindled at ACU, launched her company in 2008 when she was put on bed rest during a difficult pregnancy. In the five years since, her dinnerware collections have been picked up by such major retailers as Dillard’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond – and most recently, Disney.
As her company has grown, so has her desire to make the world a better place. The sales from some of her products support orphanages in South America, pediatric cancer research and projects to dig water wells in developing countries.
Now Angell wants to recognize other women who are difference-makers in their communities. Through her Lady CRU Contest, she hopes to tell the stories of women who embody the traits of selflessness, generosity and leadership.
“We love women who are brave even when they are scared,” says Angell. “We love women who think standing up for themselves is important, standing up for others is more important and that standing with others is most important.”
The winner will receive a setting of CRU dinnerware, but more importantly, says Angell, she will receive support for her favorite charity.
“Once the winner is selected, we will start the design of a new collection that will be in honor of her charity,” Angell says. “Proceeds from the collection will go to her charity, and she will also be featured on our social media channels for a month. Our hope is that not only will this exposure further her work, but that it will also inspire others to join in efforts to change the world for better.”
You can nominate your favorite woman by uploading her photo and a description of how she is impacting her world. Nominees will be featured on the contest website through Nov. 28, and the winner will be determined by online voting.