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A conversation with Dr. Carlos Stroud

Dr. Carlos Stroud, professor at the Institute of Optics and Department of Physics at the University of Rochester (N.Y.), met with students at Abilene Christian University this October. Stroud is a world-renowned leader in the fields of quantum optics and laser science. He also is a distinguished traveling lecturer for the Division of Laser Science of the American Physical Society, having made presentations at more than 75 universities.
Stroud’s most recent discovery includes the first observation of a spatially localized electron wave packet within an atom. Currently, he is working on the production of quantum states of light and quantum information.
In the video above, Stroud discusses how quantum mechanics and the power of quantum computing may one day change life as we know it.
Stroud also talks about one of his former students, ACU graduate Dr. H. Jeff Kimble (’71) who is now on the physics faculty at the California Institute of Technology. Kimble is recipient of the 2013 Herbert Walther Award for his influential innovations in quantum optics and atomic physics, as well as for his numerous contributions to the international scientific community. He began his studies at ACU and is now a leading figure in the creation and application of non-classical light. His research has led to the creation of new tools affecting a broad range of scientific fields, from atomic physics to chemistry and biology.
“That’s where a background like Abilene Christian can take you,” Stroud says of Kimble.