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Biar's journey included two ACU degrees

South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation, and in “You Will See,” a feature story in ACU Today magazine’s Winter 2012 issue, you’ll also read of the amazing journey Zechariah Manyok Biar  experienced on his way to a role in its new government.
While Biar was working on two master’s degrees from Abilene Christian University and living in Abilene, he was writing essays for daily newspapers back home in Sudan, applying his education and reasoning to public discussions among his fellow Sudanese.
Biar writes “South Sudan’s Price of Freedom,” his own narrative essay in our online-only Bonus Coverage for this issue. It includes dramatic images of the struggles of displaced Sudanese in the Darfur region from 2005-09 and follows the profile of Biar in our printed edition by Paul A. Anthony (’04).
Images for both stories were shot by award-winning photographers Tim Freccia (see image above), Lynsey Addario, Gary Knight and Marcus Bleasdale. The VII Photo Agency provided images of Sudan from the portfolios of Addario, Knight and Bleasdale.
Addario is the third Pulitzer Prize winner whose images have appeared in ACU Today. Others are David Leeson (’78) and Robert Hallinen. She won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize in international reporting for her photography in “Talibanistan,” a 2008 story covered by a team of journalists from the New York Times.
You can read our stories about Biar and South Sudan here:
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